The 3D / 5D car mats are first of all custom fit i.e unlike universal fit which is usually provided by the dealer with a new car or any other second hand cars. They are machine finished and very acurate in dimentions and are specially made for a particular brand of car. Each car will have it’s own mat. Beside this they are perfect to protect the floor carpet from dirt, bugs, road grims and earthy particle which you will normally find in a car on a daily basis. These car mats are not chemically treated and therefore they do not have any odour; unlike rubber / plastic mats which leaves an odour whilst they are parked in direct sunlight.

These car mats are also 100% waterproof and are designed as a tray simliar to the trays which we use in our kitchen, hence they do not spill out any particles to on the car florr and thus protect them. These mats are made of 5 layers of different materials and so they are ready for any conditions and are very durable with a longer life as compared to other pvc mats and can never be torn or cut. In addtion, as they are custom fitted, they are anti skid to so they give best comfort for the use of the pedals as no slipping happen during driving.